SPLIT front
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Old Town Bouganvillia
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   Another fun year of European Tours has just come to an end and I want to thank all of our awesome guests for coming out to join our tours and art retreats this year.

After 46 years in the travel biz, I've decided to slowly crawl towards retirement and only do a few select tours in the next few years.  We have a new Greece program in the Spring and a nearly sold out Croatia cruise and land tour in October, and that's all I've scheduled for the moment.  If you'd like to be kept informed of any new future tours or art retreats, click HERE and we'll add you to our list.

Again, thank you.  For allowing me to have the absolute best job ever.  Wishing you Happy Travels, and my best to you all.

Greek Island: Chania, Crete

Chania drone harbor sailboats_edited_edited.jpg

Croatia: Cruise & Land Tours

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Lastavica photo.jpg